Who needs a life when you’ve got Netflix?


Since this is my first post I’m going to make it short, sweet and to the point.

The 4 Reasons to invest in a Netflix account

1. BINGE WATCHING- Who wouldn’t want to spend an entire day watching their all time favorite TV shows instead of being productive? NO ONE!

2. I have 300+ channels and nothing is on, really?- Yes, I know the feeling it happens almost on a daily basis. With Netflix on my smart TV I am now what some may call an “active watcher” (this meaning that I always get to watch a new show/episode versus watching the lame reruns on cable TV). Who wants to watch old episodes that they have already seen a thousand times? NO ONE

3. Multiple user accounts!- This feature makes life so simple! Multiple people can be using the same account at the same time as long as they have made separate user names on the account. It is like getting unlimited for the price of one. Who doesn’t love good cheap stuff? NO ONE

4. If those first 3 weren’t enough to persuade you- Netflix has Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, The Hunger Games, and much much more that would be worth your time. trust me I wouldn’t steer you wrong.

You’ll wish you had a Netflix account on the next rainy day!



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