The Best of the Best



Starbucks is a well known chain here in the USA. Their coffees may be slightly overpriced but that doesn’t stop americans from flooding into their shops every morning. Personally I love the place and this is exactly why I’m telling you the 5 drinks that you must stop by and try at some point in your lifetime.The calorie counts that I have listed are all for Grande sized drinks (16oz).

1. The Salted Carmel Mocha(420 calories)– The perfect balance between sweet and salty! This is an amazing drink that tastes its best during the fall season. Although this drink is only advertised in the fall I have found that it can be ordered all year round. I always find myself ordering a Grande one of these and I am never disappointed because the flavor never gets old!

2.The Peppermint Mocha(410 calories)- There is never a better way to start off you day when it is super cold outside than with this holiday classic coffee. It may be that it is served in a red cup which means that it is the holiday season, or maybe it is the fact that I love peppermint and chocolate together. Maybe it is a combination of the two that makes this may all time favorite drink to get at Starbucks. My favorite time to order this coffee is during the months of December and January. Although I’m sure if you wanted to you could enjoy fall in love with this drink at anytime of the year!

3. Nonfat Cafe Mocha No Whipped Cream (220 calories) This drink has been my most recent discovery. If you are looking for just a good cup of jo without all the extra flavors then this is your drink. With less calories that the others this is also good for someone watching that the eat/drink. I like this coffee because it is soothing and doesn’t seem to overwhelm my tastebuds!

Now for my favorite Cold Drinks!! 

4. The Double Chocolaty Chip Frappuccino (410 calories)– This creme based drink doesn’t have one single ounce of coffee anywhere in it, that is why it is the perfect drink for a hot summer day. The drink is just chocolate on chocolate on chocolate, if you don’t like coffee but your friends always drag you to Starbucks this is your drink. Try it out IUnknown promise it won’t disappoint!

5. The Snickers Frappuccino (unknown calories)– This special item is on the Starbucks secret menu! Yes thats right a chocolate frappe. mixed with a sinkers bar and creme to create the most delicious drink EVER. The only set back with this drink is that, one you won’t find it on any menu, and two you must bring the sinkers bar to Starbucks to order this frappuccino.

Starbucks_Coffee___Consumerism_by_Cutie_Kitty_PieAs you may able to guess there are many other items on the Secret Starbucks Menu but I’m going to let you be the one to experiment and find out what they are! If you would like to check out other drinks that Starbucks has to offer you can head over to , and search their entire menu all from your computer, smart phone or tablet. 

XOXO madzz


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