Lets gets real, we all have them, we all want to be them, and this is why they are the topic of my blog today. Once a week we all get on Instagram and Twitter and blow up social media with pictures of Beautiful women. Sometimes they are funny pictures of our actual friends, but I know most of the time our #WCW’s go out to celebrities! Ive taken just a few minuets of my time to list the 5 women that are, as of today, my woman crushes! So here we go…comment and tell me what you think #FDOM (in no particular order)

1. Emma Watson ImageModern day Audrey Hepburn, simple, classy, and drop dead gorgeous. Not to mention extremely talented! 

2. Blake Lively



Lets be honest every single one of us has watched a movie/show with her in it and said at least once, “I want to be her!” Or at least I know I wake up and say it every day. Blake Lively is hands down my favorite out of these 5. But i’ll let you make your own opinions!

3. Kim Kardashian


I personally am not a huge fan of the person that she has become, but if you aren’t envious of those curves and her amazing bone structure……are we even looking at the same person???

4. Julianne Hough



Because honestly I wish I looked like that in a swimsuit with wet hair. She’s Cute and petite and can pull off both the short and long hair looks!

Last but certainly not least ….

5. Jennifer Lawrence 



SHE IS REAL. She’s not a twig nor does she aspire to be. I think she is the best role model on the list and possibly the most talented. Most of all she is BEAUTIFUL!!

Thanks for reading guys I hope you liked it, leave me comments! I love my readers!



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