The 10 Things I Would Rather Do Than Study.


1. SLEEP; this is always my favorite alternative to studying. 

2. EAT; I would really like some froyo but it’s literally FREEZING outside.

3. Shopping; this is probably what I will do after I finish studying. 

4. Jumping off a Bridge; this is pretty self explanatory. 

5. Tanning; in a bed or under the sun, judge me I like to fake bake. 

6. Swim with Sharks; I would suffer less pain from a shark bite than by memorizing these flash cards.

7. Watch Paint Dry; yeppp. 

8. Play with a Puppy; who doesn’t love a cute pup! 

9. Writing a better Blog Post; sorry this sucks so bad. 



So I know this was somewhat of a dumb post but I needed to take my mind off of studying for like 10 minuets and this was the best way to do it! Comment with your favorite things to do while procrastinating studying! 

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