Originally when making this post I thought it would be best to make a huge list of all of the reasons that freshmen girls should rush but when I got to writing it down I really just felt that there was only one major reason. The one reason was enough to sell the whole sorority thing to me and all of my friends so I felt that I could go with a list of just one and that would really be more than enough reason to convince any young woman who is considering rushing. 

1. SISTERHOOD: If you have never had a sister, trust me this is the place for you. If you have a sister at home or just not a school with you this is where you will get your daily dose of sisterly love. As soon as accept your bid you automatically have 100+ friends. Going off of that if you are new at the school and don’t know many people this is perfect because you now have people who want to hangout with you, all because you’re in the same group. You also inherit a bunch of mentors, all the older girls who have been though the same stuff you’re gong through now, school, boys, parents. This is the best way to become “21” before you are actually 21, if you catch my drift! In all honesty there is so much more that i could say but if these few reasons don’t catch your attention then maybe Greek life is not the life for you..


You can’t tell me you wouldn’t want friends like these?

Love Always, 

Maddie ♥

If you go to TXST or are coming to TXST click here to learn more about going greek!




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