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I really think that by blogging this semester my knowledge of blogs has greatly increased. I feel that this will be a valuable asset to have on my resume when I get out into the real world and start looking for jobs. My blog topic worked out very well for me because it was so broad and there is a chance that I may even continue blogging because my topic makes it so easy for me to have things to write about. In all I am happy that I have gained so much blogging experience during such a short period of time and I am thankful that it was all at a good pace and I was able to keep up. But as for now i am signing off..







Originally when making this post I thought it would be best to make a huge list of all of the reasons that freshmen girls should rush but when I got to writing it down I really just felt that there was only one major reason. The one reason was enough to sell the whole sorority thing to me and all of my friends so I felt that I could go with a list of just one and that would really be more than enough reason to convince any young woman who is considering rushing. 

1. SISTERHOOD: If you have never had a sister, trust me this is the place for you. If you have a sister at home or just not a school with you this is where you will get your daily dose of sisterly love. As soon as accept your bid you automatically have 100+ friends. Going off of that if you are new at the school and don’t know many people this is perfect because you now have people who want to hangout with you, all because you’re in the same group. You also inherit a bunch of mentors, all the older girls who have been though the same stuff you’re gong through now, school, boys, parents. This is the best way to become “21” before you are actually 21, if you catch my drift! In all honesty there is so much more that i could say but if these few reasons don’t catch your attention then maybe Greek life is not the life for you..


You can’t tell me you wouldn’t want friends like these?

Love Always, 

Maddie ♥

If you go to TXST or are coming to TXST click here to learn more about going greek!



Dorm Life…


So as a freshman there are many things that you must get used to/overcome. The largest one of these things for me was and still is Dorm Life. Yes its nice to always have people around so that you are never lonely or bored but the bad parts of living in a dorm far outweigh the good. Just like all of my other posts i have compiled a list; this list contains the 15 reasons that I absolutely hate living in a dorm…
1. As you can tell by the video, my room is the size of a shoebox.
2. Sharing a bathroom is not one of my strengths.
3. Noisy Neighbors, I don’t really have this problem personally but, I know plenty of friends who are affected by this.
4. I feel as though i can never really get my room clean, no matter how hard I try it always seems so dirty.
5. No kitchen, so we are forced to eat gross school food or become even more broke by going out to eat.
6. My closet only fits half of my clothes.
7. We are not able to control the temperature in our rooms. So if it is freezing we just have to cover up, and if its hot we must sweat to death.
9. The place that should be the cleanest in the entire dorm, The Laundry Room, is filthy and smells like mildew (also people will steal your clothes if you leave them unattended for too long).
10.When I am in my room at home I don’t have any need to lock my door but, here it is a must because you don’t want some crazy to come in and steal all your stuff.
11. I sometimes wonder if some of my friends roommates were not taught any manners as a child because they have no respect for others or their property.
12. We don’t even get the luxury of a microwave in your rooms so we must use the community microwave in the room with the roaches
13. No you may not sleep in my bed without asking/telling me first.
14. You have no sleep schedule. If your roommate is awake you are awake, if a fire alarm goes off because, some idiot burnt popcorn for the 5th time, at 5 o’clock in the morning you are up and outside in the freezing cold. You don’t determine when you sleep your peers do.
15. Sleepovers: usually such a happy word. No not when they are with the opposite sex. Surprise your roommate brings home a guy to stay the night, she didn’t give you a single warning. Cool.

So in all, college is a fabulous experience and living in a dorm is something that we all must go through. I am not saying don’t go to college because of the dorm situation all I am trying to tell you is not to go into it with a super positive “can do” attitude because, DORM LIFE SUCKS!

The Most Beautiful Places You’ll See on the TXST Campus


“Heres a little story all about how…” SYKEE, to go along with the listing blog that I have going I decided to make list of the prettiest places on my campus. Here at Texas State we pride ourselves on having an absolutely BEAUTIFUL campus, which is the truth. I was thinking about how I could turn a list of things on my twitter into a Storify and thats when it hit me that I tweet about our amazing campus all the time. I compiled all of my scenic tweets into a short and too the point Storify story, if you click HERE you can go and check it out. So go forth my followers, look at my storify and tell me if you agree that the Texas State Campus is the most Gorgeous campus you’ve ever seen! 



I’d Like An App With That


For my class this weeks assignment was to make an app that could be used alongside of my blog. So I decided to simply make and app that uses your current location to list the best/most popular, scenic areas, shopping, and restaurants. I know it does not look very pretty but lets get real, IT’S NOT A REAL APP! To create my app and design I used and app building website. Let me know what you think, preferably about the idea not so much what it actually looks like. 

Image Image  Image


As always I hope you day is filled with lots of love, tons of laughter, and just a few important lists!

Love you always!

The 10 Things I Would Rather Do Than Study.


1. SLEEP; this is always my favorite alternative to studying. 

2. EAT; I would really like some froyo but it’s literally FREEZING outside.

3. Shopping; this is probably what I will do after I finish studying. 

4. Jumping off a Bridge; this is pretty self explanatory. 

5. Tanning; in a bed or under the sun, judge me I like to fake bake. 

6. Swim with Sharks; I would suffer less pain from a shark bite than by memorizing these flash cards.

7. Watch Paint Dry; yeppp. 

8. Play with a Puppy; who doesn’t love a cute pup! 

9. Writing a better Blog Post; sorry this sucks so bad. 



So I know this was somewhat of a dumb post but I needed to take my mind off of studying for like 10 minuets and this was the best way to do it! Comment with your favorite things to do while procrastinating studying! 

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Lets gets real, we all have them, we all want to be them, and this is why they are the topic of my blog today. Once a week we all get on Instagram and Twitter and blow up social media with pictures of Beautiful women. Sometimes they are funny pictures of our actual friends, but I know most of the time our #WCW’s go out to celebrities! Ive taken just a few minuets of my time to list the 5 women that are, as of today, my woman crushes! So here we go…comment and tell me what you think #FDOM (in no particular order)

1. Emma Watson ImageModern day Audrey Hepburn, simple, classy, and drop dead gorgeous. Not to mention extremely talented! 

2. Blake Lively



Lets be honest every single one of us has watched a movie/show with her in it and said at least once, “I want to be her!” Or at least I know I wake up and say it every day. Blake Lively is hands down my favorite out of these 5. But i’ll let you make your own opinions!

3. Kim Kardashian


I personally am not a huge fan of the person that she has become, but if you aren’t envious of those curves and her amazing bone structure……are we even looking at the same person???

4. Julianne Hough



Because honestly I wish I looked like that in a swimsuit with wet hair. She’s Cute and petite and can pull off both the short and long hair looks!

Last but certainly not least ….

5. Jennifer Lawrence 



SHE IS REAL. She’s not a twig nor does she aspire to be. I think she is the best role model on the list and possibly the most talented. Most of all she is BEAUTIFUL!!

Thanks for reading guys I hope you liked it, leave me comments! I love my readers!


The Best of the Best



Starbucks is a well known chain here in the USA. Their coffees may be slightly overpriced but that doesn’t stop americans from flooding into their shops every morning. Personally I love the place and this is exactly why I’m telling you the 5 drinks that you must stop by and try at some point in your lifetime.The calorie counts that I have listed are all for Grande sized drinks (16oz).

1. The Salted Carmel Mocha(420 calories)– The perfect balance between sweet and salty! This is an amazing drink that tastes its best during the fall season. Although this drink is only advertised in the fall I have found that it can be ordered all year round. I always find myself ordering a Grande one of these and I am never disappointed because the flavor never gets old!

2.The Peppermint Mocha(410 calories)- There is never a better way to start off you day when it is super cold outside than with this holiday classic coffee. It may be that it is served in a red cup which means that it is the holiday season, or maybe it is the fact that I love peppermint and chocolate together. Maybe it is a combination of the two that makes this may all time favorite drink to get at Starbucks. My favorite time to order this coffee is during the months of December and January. Although I’m sure if you wanted to you could enjoy fall in love with this drink at anytime of the year!

3. Nonfat Cafe Mocha No Whipped Cream (220 calories) This drink has been my most recent discovery. If you are looking for just a good cup of jo without all the extra flavors then this is your drink. With less calories that the others this is also good for someone watching that the eat/drink. I like this coffee because it is soothing and doesn’t seem to overwhelm my tastebuds!

Now for my favorite Cold Drinks!! 

4. The Double Chocolaty Chip Frappuccino (410 calories)– This creme based drink doesn’t have one single ounce of coffee anywhere in it, that is why it is the perfect drink for a hot summer day. The drink is just chocolate on chocolate on chocolate, if you don’t like coffee but your friends always drag you to Starbucks this is your drink. Try it out IUnknown promise it won’t disappoint!

5. The Snickers Frappuccino (unknown calories)– This special item is on the Starbucks secret menu! Yes thats right a chocolate frappe. mixed with a sinkers bar and creme to create the most delicious drink EVER. The only set back with this drink is that, one you won’t find it on any menu, and two you must bring the sinkers bar to Starbucks to order this frappuccino.

Starbucks_Coffee___Consumerism_by_Cutie_Kitty_PieAs you may able to guess there are many other items on the Secret Starbucks Menu but I’m going to let you be the one to experiment and find out what they are! If you would like to check out other drinks that Starbucks has to offer you can head over to , and search their entire menu all from your computer, smart phone or tablet. 

XOXO madzz